Tom Cook, Club Manager

Tom has been playing golf since he was 12 years old and has a long history with Stonycroft.  His father and mother joined in 1986 and Tom played many rounds of golf with his parents right after they joined.  He remembers the old clubhouse and watched as others did when the new building was built in 1990-1991.  Carl, Tom’s father, and a few other members took on the responsibility of managing the club operations and Tom soon got involved with temporary club management when his parents would take a break from Michigan winters during the month of March.  In 2005 after the unfortunate death of Tom’s father, Joe Gerber, the president asked Tom if he could manage the club operations until the board decided on how to replace Carl.  In early 2006 Tom left GM to start his own business and Jim Zick approached Tom about becoming the club manager permanently.  Rather than hire Tom as an employee, Stonycroft hired Tom’s newly formed company, Team Facilities Inc. to manage club operations.  Tom and his team have handled the club and facilities management since that day in 2006.  Tom is a graduate electrical engineer and has a BEE from GMI (now Kettering), a BS from Oakland U., and an MBA from Wayne State.  Tom and his wife Sue reside in Troy and have two grown children, David and Sara.